We are actively working on various B2C e-commerce platforms and on recognizing our brand worldwide

Wildberries –  is the largest Russian online retailer. Wilberries has over 10  million buyers every month. From 2018 Wildberries have been actively working in 5 countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia, with more than 20 000 employees. In 2019, company expandex his service and entered into European market. Wildberries sells 15,000 brands of clothing, shoes, cosmetics, household products, children goods, electronics, books, jewelry, food and much more. In 2018, the company processed 400,000 orders on average a day online.

Leading russian retail oline store that provides its customers with more than 5 million items in 24 categories, including electronics, household appliances, household and garden products, products for mothers and children, repair, sports and leisure, beauty and health, clothes and shoes, auto products, pet products, food, books, multimedia, DVDs, software, games, music, antiques and others.